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Get Out Of Rock Bottom's Basement

Updated: Mar 17

One day I finally snapped.

I had been hanging out at rock bottom for some time now... it was actually getting pretty comfortable down there tbh. Then I snapped. Mentally. Not in a good way.

annnnnnd that's when I learned that rock bottom had a damn basement....

I knew right then and there I wanted the fuuuuuck outta that place as soon as possible.

How did I even get there? <---That. That right there is what I needed to answer.

So I did. I sat my ass down and started introspecting on all my unhealthy habits, behaviors and tendencies. After that, I researched healthy habits and coping mechanisms to replace all of the above.

That's what I am here to share with you. My list of healthy replacements that led me down the path of freedom, peace and happiness.


The TOP 20 Things I Did to Get Out of My Own Hell:

  1. Quit my dead end job

  2. Quit my toxic relationship

  3. Decluttered everything - home, car, phone, social media, etc.

  4. Committed to going to therapy consistently

  5. Stopped drinking

  6. Stopped smoking

  7. Started eating food with sustenance

  8. Joined the gym and worked out consistently

  9. Practiced yoga

  10. Practiced mindfulness

  11. Started meditating

  12. Walks in the woods with my fur-kids

  13. Used CBD

  14. Started shadow work

  15. TONS of introspection and reflection

  16. Felt through my emotions

  17. Travelled to gain new perspectives

  18. Set goals + Smashed them

  19. Practiced self compassion

  20. Put myself first!

Thank you for reading babe. I hope this was helping is some way! If you have any questions or would like more details - feel free to comment and I'll reply! <3

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