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Madilyn in her booth at Reggae Rise Up in Florida


Hand-dyed clothing, accessories, tapestries, bedding, and more
Made by Madilyn Smith

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Limited Edition




Madilyn in one of her first dyes


Hi! I'm Madilyn Smith!


I’m an old soul with a hippie heart and a gypsy spirit. It brings me great joy to share the things that have brought balance, fulfillment, and peace in my life with people who are looking to experience the same.

I’m a fur mom to two doggos, three kitties, and over 100 houseplants. If I’m not creating art, you might find me barefoot in nature, traveling the world, or embracing the rhythm of life!

I am dedicated to living my life to the fullest, following my intuition, and staying true to my authentic self. Through ups and downs, I've learned to trust my inner compass, allowing it to lead me toward experiences that resonate deeply with my soul.

Join me on this soulful adventure as we celebrate art, spread positivity, and embrace happiness while living in alignment with our true essence and purpose. Let's paint the world in love and tie-dye!


Questions, comments, custom orders or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.

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